• BMW E30 M3 S14 forged billet crankshaft
BMW E30 M3 S14 forged billet crankshaft

BMW E30 M3 S14 forged billet crankshaft

  • Main Journal:55.00MM
  • Conrod Journal:48.00MM
  • Stroke:94.00MM
  • PART No: B-BMW-001
  • Product description: BMW E30 M3 S14 crankshaft is made of high tensile 4340 forged steel,and 100% CNC machining with 5 axis equipment, personalized premium customized high quality and high performance billet crankshaft.

1.Personalized premium customization racing crankshafts.

2.Material with high tensile 4340 forged steel

3.100% CNC machining with 5 axis Mazak Integrex 300-IV.

4.ION Plasma Nitride process for hardening.

5.Straight hole oil lubrication.

6.Multi-step heat treatment process to enforce strength.

7.Stress relieved, shot-peened and 100% magnafluxed.

8.Precision ground & micro polished.

9.Counterweights fully profiled.

10.Balance with 2gcm.

1.Vep racing rods is personalized premium customized racing  parts, it come with high performance and reliable durability to meet all kinds of racing sports,and first choice of professional racer all over the world.

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